Another week in waiting

While we wait for Husband’s skin infection to subside, we’ve tried to fill our week with the following:

  • Ticking off every food experience we will miss while living in the sticks, including Grill’d, Thai, Indian, a lot of coffee and banana bread, easter eggs, McDonalds soft serves, fancy brunches with beautiful friends etc
  • Sleeping, snoozing and napping in our delightful bed, because there’s nothing quite like your own bed
  • Drs checkups, although i’m procrastinating at getting Little Boy’s 18month immunisation for chicken pox in case he catches it!
  • Feeling immense guilt at all the people i’m supposed to catch up with (sorry if you’re one of them)
  • Organising a tenant (or two) to rent our house while we’re away. Praise God, they are moving in next week.
  • Packing, of course. Although that’s taking some time because we *still* don’t have a date to leave.

We feel very blessed that we are here for Easter! Adamstown Community Church did a lovely Good Friday afternoon service today. Although I was playing  helping in kids church with Little Boy, it was still great to fellowship with our church family on such a special occasion. If you’re looking for somewhere on Sunday to hear the true meaning of Easter and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, come along to Adamstown at 9:30am or check out another local church. Come as you are!

I read somewhere that all good blogs have photos.

Coffee Banana Date



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