Easter Weekend

Easter for me as a kid always consisted of travelling around Australia attending MG Car Club National Meetings. Or worse, being left with relatives while Mum and Dad attended National Meetings. If you don’t know what an MG is, google it. It’s a car you may’ve seen on the side of the road broken down at some stage or maybe tail-gated because the driver was enjoying a leisurely cruise at any time of the day or week.

Last Easter

Last Easter we had just arrived in Turkey Creek, W.A. I drove 2 hours in a Holden Rodeo ute with my 6 month old baby to our new home where i’d meet my husband who’d flown a helicopter ahead of me. I was shocked at the filthy state of the place when we arrived but tried to keep my chin up remembering that we’d bought huge Cadbury Easter Bunnies that we planned to devour in the air-conditioning once the little one went to sleep. You can imagine my devastation when the bunnies were flowing like a river out of the car due to the intense heat! Luckily we had sweet friends who sacrificed some of their eggs for us when we got home. We were so blessed by that gesture. So our first easter as a family wasn’t exactly filled with exciting new traditions.



This year we had the opportunity to do something special! We took Little Boy to get a haircut (which I didn’t realise he needed until after it’d been cut), we ate out, went to church on Friday and Sunday, had an easter egg hunt at Oma and Opa’s with the cousins and this afternoon after church we hid a few plastic eggs with Tiny Teddies in them around the house for Little Boy to find. As you can tell from the photos, he LOVED it. I think we may’ve found a new, frugal, (hopefully healthier next year) Easter tradition. They cost me $2 from the reject shop, and anything could be hidden in them. Thinking dried fruits or grapes or blueberries or anything yummy. Kids just love the hunt. Great if kids have allergies or sensitivities to chocolate.


I also popped a few tubes of bubbles, a sticker book and some little pots of play-dough in his Easter Basket.


A much nicer tradition than car racing/observing/complaining commenting I think!


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