The Kitchen is Sparkling

One part of my kitchen is sparkling! I wish i’d taken a before and after photo of my kitchen sink because it was nasty. The “after” photo is still covered in calcium and lime build up but looks much better than what it was. Its so much nicer to cook and do the dishes in a clean kitchen.

I’ve pruned the lemon tree in hopes it will give us lots of fruit over the next few months. I’ve already used a couple to make lemon slice and it is delish!

We’ve had our grass slashed and thankfully we haven’t seen any displaced snakes! Found a disgusting huntsman today though and i’ve been watching it like a hawk to make sure it doesn’t move.

Every room has an air conditioner blaring. The heat is exhausting. Little Boy and I had our first ice-block by 8am today. Notice I said our first. I’m not saying how many we have through the rest of the day!

The first photo was from the car when we got to the gates of our place at Turkey Creek. Notice the grass.



The second picture is Little Boy posing next to the neat little piles of slashed grass.



The next photo is Little Boy’s favourite play time – the hose and kitchen utensils


Notice the iceblock and the flies in this photo


The last photos are from our week in KununurraIMG_4081


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