Fresh week. Best Mother Ever. With photos!

Although I sounded optimistic in my last post, I was really struggling with reality at the time!  The heat and toddler tantrums were really getting to me and I considered coming home for a bit of relief. We asked a few people to join us in prayer, God answered (!!) and as a result we’re all having a much better week this week. 

Yellow House (playgroup) has been on this week, so Little Boy and I head over to play from around 9-11am. We have so much fun playing in the sand and just being with other people. 

This morning, however, Little Boy was desperate for a ride in the wheelbarrow. I popped him in and we went for a ride around the yard. We got back to my stunning vegetable garden and I was over the moon my carrots seeds were sprouting! In my excitement, I turned my back for one second and Little Boy went crashing out of the barrow face-first into the (also stunning) rock garden edge. We figured we best not get dirt and sand in the fresh wound and stayed home from Yellow House. Best mother ever! Attached is a photo. It’s since bruised up and my precious one has a black eye. Image

A photo of my garden and my gorgeous Turkey Creek uniform. My zucchini, watermelon and (ahem) carrots have all sprouted up nicely. Waiting for the tomato’s turn.




A cane toad! We went on a little family rampage the other night and Husband spiked 16 of the suckers!




Little Boy helping Daddy preflight the helicopter in the mornings. Image


Last photo. Have to share the big cheeky bull that keeps getting into our yard. Someone (maybe me…) keeps leaving the gate open after driving to Yellow House in the mornings. Notice the size compared to the helicopter. This thing could swallow me whole.



Will take this opportunity to share that Sunday is Mother’s Day! I’ve given my brief wish list to Husband, so hopefully come Sunday i’ll be dying my hair and sipping flavoured tea. This excellent blog will also feature a super cool announcement for Mother’s Day and no… its not what colour i’m dying my hair although i’m sure you’re all subscribing as I type this!

Someone eat a bacon and egg McMuffin for me for mother’s day (without the bacon). Yummm….



3 thoughts on “Fresh week. Best Mother Ever. With photos!

  1. I’ve just caught up on your blogs Lauren… love the way you write and love hearing about your life in Turkey Creek 🙂

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