How can I top my last post?

I don’t think I can, so i’ll just ramble a little bit and add some cute photos.

We are a week out from our Darwin escape and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The three of us are going absolutely stir crazy. I’m embarrassed to say I even packed my bag at one stage and tearfully organised accommodation back home with a friend. But. I’m still here.

I am truly amazed every time I reach my limit and think I cannot possibly go another day how God, in his own perfect timing, works things out.

Our water was spontaneously turned off yesterday for a few hours. Grateful it was water and not our electricity! Also grateful it came back on just in time for Little Boy to have a much needed shower before bed.

An awful feeling of loneliness and isolation was curbed today by a beautiful pilot who flies the Royal Flying Doctors to Warmun. I only visited her for 10 minutes to pick up our mail, but it was so nice to chat with someone who “gets it” out here in a positive light.

We have no bread, no eggs, no milk, and no vegetables (well, we have potatoes). Having to get creative, I made pizza dough last night and sliced cooked potato on top with cheese and some frozen ham for little boy. Not sure what culinary delight tonight will hold!

If you thought I was exaggerating the fly situation, check this out. It has since been replaced with 3 new killing machines fly swats.




Little Boy and his friend at playgroup playing with their dolls. It was so precious, they just wanted to sit on the lounge and cuddle their babies.






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