Highlights from Darwin with pics

We returned yesterday from a week’s holiday in Darwin. While we won’t be marking Darwin as our all-time favourite holiday destination, it was pretty great and we were so grateful for the change of scenery. To start the holiday off with a bang, Guy Sebastian was on our 30 seater flight! Husband thought this was pretty cool and said hello to him at the airport. 

We had lovely accommodation right in the centre of Darwin which was great for walking everywhere and catching buses. We ate lots of great food, so much so that Husband has started a new exercise routine to compensate. Little Boy must’ve enjoyed the change of scenery too as he was unusually pleasant. Husband bought a new football and taught Little Boy to say “ball”. It’s the cutest thing! 

Before we left, I dug up the last available plot in my garden. I carefully planted out the snow pea seeds in perfect rows on top of what used to be my scrap heap/compost pile. As soon as we got home I checked to make sure my flora babies were fed watered in my absence. I was so happy to see them all thriving, along with about 30 more watermelon seedlings who popped up from my “compost” pile…oops! Come August our abundance of watermelons will be comical. Especially since my belly will probably be the size of one! 

I should quickly mention, we really did love Darwin but we were shocked that there are still smoking areas in pubs (maybe we’re spoilt in NSW) and way too many people with B.O. for this pregnant lady’s heightened sense of smell. Maybe all the backpacker accommodation in town had run out of rooms with showers?

Highlight reel from Darwin:






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