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A few ways Little Boy entertains himself


Final and Longest Blog

As the title suggests this will be my last post for a while as i’m due to arrive home very soon! Little Boy and I will be flying from Kununurra to Perth (3 hours) to Sydney (5 hours) and my loving Daddy will be picking us up late at night to drive us home to Newcastle (2 hours). 

While I don’t feel “ready” to leave our home at Turkey Creek, the thought of travelling for a full day with an almost two year old sitting on my lap makes me want to get it over with before the baby in my belly makes it impossible. We will leave behind Husband for an unknown period of time, it could be weeks, it could be months. Scary! 

Our time in Warmun/Turkey Creek has been an incredible learning, reflecting, challenging, humbling and, at times, extremely frustrating experience. 

I’m grateful for the small insight into life in a traditional aboriginal community. It would take years for me to “get it” but I think i’ve realised its not as dramatic and romantic as the media makes it out to be. It’s just another way of doing life. Rural communities don’t need our city slicker sympathy but they do need better access to resources and respect.  

I’ve learnt :

  • how to do groceries when you don’t know when it will come or how many people it will need to feed
  • that kids really don’t need many toys (3 is so much easier to pack up than 30)
  • how to descale the kettle
  • how to bathe in the shower (Thank-you sister in law!)
  • that I don’t need to wear make up every day. Or any day really.
  • that I can survive (but don’t enjoy) wearing the same few outfits eveerrryyy daaaay
  • how to make meals when there’s no eggs, cheese, bread, milk, veggies, rice, pasta….
  • a lot of helicopter lingo
  • that my husband and son (and baby!) truly are my best friends and if I never saw another person as long as I lived I would still be radiantly happy
  • that it’s not all that bad. Life could be far far worse. It’s only a season. God is in control. Chocolate will help. 

A lady from a church in Kununurra told me in my first week here that “Diamonds are made under great pressure in the Kimberleys.” I’m actually getting teary writing this: God has used our time here to create precious, rock-hard, shiny little gems in my life that will never be taken away. 


Boring old week made fun

Little Boy and I have been bored to tears this week (literally). So we’ve visited old man J and his dog, had a playdate with the cop’s wife and kids and today had another playdate with two little girls who’s parents teach at the early learning centre. It’s fun to see how other families adapt out here and also encouraging to think, ‘Yes! Little Boy will love being a big brother!”. He is an angel at other people’s houses… maybe because they bribe him with banana bread and pancakes.

We drove to Kununurra yesterday and Husband took the helicopter in for a service. As we were driving along the highway, about 150km from home, Little Boy started calling out to something. I thought he was calling out for Spotty, so I reminded him that Spotty can’t run this far, she has to stay with her puppies etc. I finally worked out he was saying “Dad!” when I looked out the window and saw a blue helicopter flying over us! Husband had spotted us from 1000 feet. Little Boy and I beamed with pride for the rest of the drive to Kununurra.

We have another Turkey Creek family member these days. The other pilot that lives with us, M, brought his fiancé, L, out here for the rest of the season. She’s GREAT! Nice to have another female to chat to, cook and keep the toilet seat down.

Hillsong, Visitors and Tears

We got back from a busy but blessed time in Sydney for Hillsong conference this week. Conference was a delightful mess of jet lag, nap times, empowering speakers and beautiful music. We finished the week off by staying with Husband’s parents in a busy Sydney city street filled with incredible cafes, boutiques and markets. It was tough to leave! The flight between Perth and Kununurra was painfully slow. A combination of a wasted coffee left at the airport, Little Boy extremely overdue for a sleep but amped up on junk food and the disappointment of the final destination was a little too much to handle. I cried. A lot.

When we arrived back in Turkey Creek we were blessed with a visit from Marty’s brother, sister-in-law and sweet niece. We laughed and ate and drank (water for me) with them for 3 nights and were sad again to see them leave for the next leg of their journey.

Today more tears were shed as our 9 little grandbabies (puppies) were taken to Spotty’s (apparent) owner’s house. Having the puppies here was like having 9 little rays of sunshine (or maybe cool breezes!). They’re not weaned yet, so hopefully Spotty gets the memo that her puppies are in a new home across the road.

Below are a few pictures of us all in Sydney. Note Little Boy’s cute winter clothes courtesy of Uncle and Aunty. The last two photos are here in Turkey Creek.

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Baby Scan…It’s a ………

It’s a surprise! Hehe we don’t know baby’s gender but even if we knew, you wouldn’t find it here! We had our half-way morphology ultrasound yesterday in Kununurra. Baby is healthy, beautiful and measuring perfectly. 

An update from last post:

  •  Garlic worked wonders! For those interested, I peel a clove of raw garlic, cut it in half (or small enough to swallow like a pill) and swallow it with orange juice (NEVER water or anything fizzy) and then maybe I eat a choc chip biscuit afterwards just in case (so what?). I’ll be taking it at the first sign of a cold from now on. Even though I felt 100% better the next day, I still swallowed another one just to make sure the bug was out of my system. 
  • After too many messy rescue missions, we’ve relocated the puppies to a 3 man tent. In the move we discovered there were 5 boys and 4 girls. 5 white, 2 black and 2 grey/brown. 9 all together! Little Boy is in love with them but he knows not to touch them unless we help him. Spotty doesn’t sit with her 9 kids in the tent very often. We seem to have had another heat wave this week so her body warmth isn’t needed. 
  • The newest Warmun hip hop video is uploaded on youtube. Click here to watch.
  • We head off to chilly Sydney tomorrow for Hillsong conference. I’m a bit nervous about how to pack for a 10-20 degree drop in temperature. Right now it’s 36 degrees here and 14 degrees in Sydney. I was grateful this morning to get 3 loads of washing dried and folded before 11am! 



Movie Premiere

Last night we were privileged to attend a night at the school basketball court to watch a music video style production about Warmun/Turkey Creek. The movie is made by a travelling group who teach the local kids hip-hop dancing for a full week. Here is the movie they made last year in Warmun. It’s so special for the people to see themselves on a big screen and celebrating their heritage. 

The puppies are well, Spotty’s appetite reminds me of the days after I gave birth…starving! 

Little Boy is currently infatuated with one of husband’s HeliNews magazines. (Thanks Grandad!). 

I’m going to have the earliest night possible after swallowing some raw garlic, as i’m coming down with some kind of sore throat/stiff neck/ feeling lousy illness. 


Puppies Update

Aching shoulders, crook neck, bruised knees, emotional and exhausted. I didn’t think new puppies would wear me out so much! Spotty seems to be struggling with her new “Octo-Mom” status. We’ve already saved a few absconding puppies from possible doom as Spotty struggles to keep her eyes on them all at once.

I’m certainly not complaining about the whole situation! Just like when a human baby is born, new puppies bring lots of well-wishing visitors, gifts of food and something delightful to chat about to strangers.

So far in the last 3 days we’ve been invited to a (Catholic) church service, a local video premiere, a nurse’s farewell party and shared cups of tea with new friends. The puppies can stay as long as they like!

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