Boring old week made fun

Little Boy and I have been bored to tears this week (literally). So we’ve visited old man J and his dog, had a playdate with the cop’s wife and kids and today had another playdate with two little girls who’s parents teach at the early learning centre. It’s fun to see how other families adapt out here and also encouraging to think, ‘Yes! Little Boy will love being a big brother!”. He is an angel at other people’s houses… maybe because they bribe him with banana bread and pancakes.

We drove to Kununurra yesterday and Husband took the helicopter in for a service. As we were driving along the highway, about 150km from home, Little Boy started calling out to something. I thought he was calling out for Spotty, so I reminded him that Spotty can’t run this far, she has to stay with her puppies etc. I finally worked out he was saying “Dad!” when I looked out the window and saw a blue helicopter flying over us! Husband had spotted us from 1000 feet. Little Boy and I beamed with pride for the rest of the drive to Kununurra.

We have another Turkey Creek family member these days. The other pilot that lives with us, M, brought his fiancĂ©, L, out here for the rest of the season. She’s GREAT! Nice to have another female to chat to, cook and keep the toilet seat down.


Ready to go! Almost.

Welcome to my attempt at a general blog about myself. The only thing I’m an expert at!

The aim of this blog is to keep family and friends updated in a very general way on what’s happening while we live in remote Western Australia for an amazing work opportunity for my husband. God-willing he will be flying tourists in a helicopter over the Kimberley’s Bungle Bungle ranges. A stunning sight.

The original plan: Husband leave tonight, start work tomorrow morning. Me and Little Boy stay here in our (relatively luxurious) apartment home for a few weeks and then make the treacherous 24+ hour journey to join Husband at our temporary new home on the other side of the country.

Reality: Husband gets diagnosed with not-so-nice-but-non-contagious skin infection and awkward goodbyes are stretched out another week or so until he’s cleared for travel. We figure we’d be silly not to travel all together with 6+ months worth of luggage and an adventurous 18 month old.

And so we wait.

In the meantime i’m putting my brand spanking new MacBook Air to use (purchased specifically to curb remote area boredom) and hopefully starting a wonderfully relaxing and purposeful hobby that is blogging.

I’m not sure if the font is going to “publish” as this hideous Times New Roman or whether it’ll correct itself into something less of a Windows 95 Word document look. Lots to learn

Because this blog is public, I ask that any readers keep their comments non-specific, or email me if you want me to expand on anything.