Puppies Update

Aching shoulders, crook neck, bruised knees, emotional and exhausted. I didn’t think new puppies would wear me out so much! Spotty seems to be struggling with her new “Octo-Mom” status. We’ve already saved a few absconding puppies from possible doom as Spotty struggles to keep her eyes on them all at once.

I’m certainly not complaining about the whole situation! Just like when a human baby is born, new puppies bring lots of well-wishing visitors, gifts of food and something delightful to chat about to strangers.

So far in the last 3 days we’ve been invited to a (Catholic) church service, a local video premiere, a nurse’s farewell party and shared cups of tea with new friends. The puppies can stay as long as they like!

IMG_4229 IMG_4225 IMG_4222 IMG_4215 IMG_4212



For the last few days I’ve been coaxing the dog we unofficially adopted into our yard with food scraps so she might choose to give birth to her puppies here. I had no idea how close she was to giving birth but joked with a few of our neighbours that she’d  birth where she was fed the best! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for Spotty dog, there was a mix up with our food order with a warm BBQ chicken replacing the (much craved) COLD free-range whole chicken. It’s not advisable for a pregnant woman to eat a pre-cooked chicken that’s sat in a warm car for two hours, but I’m pretty sure its super food for a pregnant dog!

For the record, Husband ate a fair bit of the chicken.

Last night Spotty slept under our bedroom donga which was unusual because it was so cold. I thought we might wake up to a pile of puppies. Instead we woke up to a chilly morning, Little Boy with a fever and Spotty in obvious labour. She made a little nest under our room and throughout the day had 5 puppies. At lunch time she disappeared. I started panicking when 4 hours went by and still no sign of Mumma Spotty. Her pups were hungry and getting cold. We went for a drive and asked a few people to keep a look out for her.

Eventually we found her! She was well hidden under the opposite donga bedroom to ours and seems to have had a few more puppies. One pup I found by itself with its little head stuck in part of the building. I thought I would decapitate it trying to get it out! It was very cold so might not survive. Hopefully in the morning Spotty will decide on a better nest for her babies.

I’m so grateful she chose our house. It’s nice to have some new life around here.

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5 Things in the Last 5 Days

The last 5 days we have:

  • Experienced a cool change. When I say “cool” I mean, its fresh in the mornings until 7:30 when it gets warm and then pretty hot again.
  • Adopted a dog! She followed Little Boy and I home from the Roadhouse one day. Husband said we couldn’t keep her and she left that night. We were pleasantly greeted with her presence again today around lunch time when she shared some undercooked zucchini slice. Lucky dog! 
  • Drove to Kununurra. Little Boy and I spent the day grocery shopping and popped into the markets to eat frozen mango. It was unfortunately stressful but so nice to get out for the day. 
  • Planted watermelon and zucchini seeds! The soil is pretty rocky but i’ve managed to turn over two little plots in two days. Hopefully I can do some more tomorrow before 8am when its just too hot and the flies have me yelling abuse.  I still have cherry tomatoes and snow peas to plant. 
  • Aced NRL football tipping so much so that Husband lost a bet and vowed to make me breakfast in bed whilst looking after Little Boy in the mornings for the next week. Bliss!