Puppies Update

Aching shoulders, crook neck, bruised knees, emotional and exhausted. I didn’t think new puppies would wear me out so much! Spotty seems to be struggling with her new “Octo-Mom” status. We’ve already saved a few absconding puppies from possible doom as Spotty struggles to keep her eyes on them all at once.

I’m certainly not complaining about the whole situation! Just like when a human baby is born, new puppies bring lots of well-wishing visitors, gifts of food and something delightful to chat about to strangers.

So far in the last 3 days we’ve been invited to a (Catholic) church service, a local video premiere, a nurse’s farewell party and shared cups of tea with new friends. The puppies can stay as long as they like!

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Happy Mother’s Day. Plus Special Announcement!

I haven’t always celebrated Mother’s Day happily. Mother’s Day for me has been a cruel reminder that I can’t spend a day spoiling my Mum, thanking her for giving birth to me and shaping my life to what it is today.  In the past I’ve spoken to a friend of mine who also lost her Mum at a young age and we both agreed that around every Mother’s Day we need (at least) one BIG cry. After that we can continue to ignore the commercialism and remember how much we miss our Mum’s every day.


Since having Little Boy, my mourning has been turned into joy and I’m so grateful to the Lord for the gift of Motherhood.

We fell pregnant with Little Boy when we’d been married for 3 months, something looked down on these days. When we shared our news we often had negative reactions. People referred to our beautiful baby as a “surprise”, an “oops baby” and we still have other people tell us that if we could go back, we would have “been more careful”.

I have friends who’ve had children out of wedlock who also feel this negative judgment, especially from Christian friends.

I believe ALL children are a blessing from God. Every life is sacred and timed perfectly by a perfect God. They are never a burden, a curse or an accident. Whether the mother is 15 or 45. Yes, life with a baby is hectic but it is also the most precious way to learn humility, patience, and self-sacrificial love. It is a small glimpse of the love that Jesus shows us.

So rejoice with your Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers and children today. Bless a single or young Mum today. Embrace a childless Mum or motherless child today.

Our special announcement was delivered by video message to our immediate family first thing this morning. Uploading it to my blog is beyond me so here it is:

We are expecting another precious baby late November 2013!! 

A few people guessed it, your prize is in the mail. Not really.