Final and Longest Blog

As the title suggests this will be my last post for a while as i’m due to arrive home very soon! Little Boy and I will be flying from Kununurra to Perth (3 hours) to Sydney (5 hours) and my loving Daddy will be picking us up late at night to drive us home to Newcastle (2 hours). 

While I don’t feel “ready” to leave our home at Turkey Creek, the thought of travelling for a full day with an almost two year old sitting on my lap makes me want to get it over with before the baby in my belly makes it impossible. We will leave behind Husband for an unknown period of time, it could be weeks, it could be months. Scary! 

Our time in Warmun/Turkey Creek has been an incredible learning, reflecting, challenging, humbling and, at times, extremely frustrating experience. 

I’m grateful for the small insight into life in a traditional aboriginal community. It would take years for me to “get it” but I think i’ve realised its not as dramatic and romantic as the media makes it out to be. It’s just another way of doing life. Rural communities don’t need our city slicker sympathy but they do need better access to resources and respect.  

I’ve learnt :

  • how to do groceries when you don’t know when it will come or how many people it will need to feed
  • that kids really don’t need many toys (3 is so much easier to pack up than 30)
  • how to descale the kettle
  • how to bathe in the shower (Thank-you sister in law!)
  • that I don’t need to wear make up every day. Or any day really.
  • that I can survive (but don’t enjoy) wearing the same few outfits eveerrryyy daaaay
  • how to make meals when there’s no eggs, cheese, bread, milk, veggies, rice, pasta….
  • a lot of helicopter lingo
  • that my husband and son (and baby!) truly are my best friends and if I never saw another person as long as I lived I would still be radiantly happy
  • that it’s not all that bad. Life could be far far worse. It’s only a season. God is in control. Chocolate will help. 

A lady from a church in Kununurra told me in my first week here that “Diamonds are made under great pressure in the Kimberleys.” I’m actually getting teary writing this: God has used our time here to create precious, rock-hard, shiny little gems in my life that will never be taken away. 



Welcome to Turkey World

Our final destination! It’s actually called “Turkey Creek” or “Warmun” but Turkey world seems to slip off the tongue. 

We have had a massive week since we arrived in Kununurra. Husband went away for two nights flying a photographer around some incredible scenes of the Kimberley. The photos Husband took on his iPhone were postcard worthy in themselves. 

Little Boy and I struggled to adapt to the time difference, the heat and the new slow-paced lifestyle. We attended two playgroups, had dinner with the beautiful family who pastor Kununurra Freedom Church, ate barramundi and chips and went for lots of swims in the pool. As lovely as it was, we were ready for Turkey Creek to get settled in and stop living out of a suitcase. 

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was that the grass is probably waist height, if not higher. Another pilot, L, has been here for the last few weeks and has already hacked into some of the mowing but there is a LOT to be done. Lucky for me, ladies just don’t do the mowing…right? Hopefully we can get a tractor in to slash it because it would take all season (and countless litres of beer) to mow with a push mower. 

Another obstacle is – we don’t have a cot for Little Boy. Should. Have. Brought. The. Port-a-cot. Silly us thinking we could pick up a “cheap” cot in Kununurra. The only cot in town was in excess of $450 not including the mattress. Dang. He’ll be sleeping on a single bed next to ours for the next little while. 

I plan to blog more frequently now we’re here. If anyone wants to see pics of anything or know about anything here, let me know! 

Ready to go! Almost.

Welcome to my attempt at a general blog about myself. The only thing I’m an expert at!

The aim of this blog is to keep family and friends updated in a very general way on what’s happening while we live in remote Western Australia for an amazing work opportunity for my husband. God-willing he will be flying tourists in a helicopter over the Kimberley’s Bungle Bungle ranges. A stunning sight.

The original plan: Husband leave tonight, start work tomorrow morning. Me and Little Boy stay here in our (relatively luxurious) apartment home for a few weeks and then make the treacherous 24+ hour journey to join Husband at our temporary new home on the other side of the country.

Reality: Husband gets diagnosed with not-so-nice-but-non-contagious skin infection and awkward goodbyes are stretched out another week or so until he’s cleared for travel. We figure we’d be silly not to travel all together with 6+ months worth of luggage and an adventurous 18 month old.

And so we wait.

In the meantime i’m putting my brand spanking new MacBook Air to use (purchased specifically to curb remote area boredom) and hopefully starting a wonderfully relaxing and purposeful hobby that is blogging.

I’m not sure if the font is going to “publish” as this hideous Times New Roman or whether it’ll correct itself into something less of a Windows 95 Word document look. Lots to learn

Because this blog is public, I ask that any readers keep their comments non-specific, or email me if you want me to expand on anything.