Boring old week made fun

Little Boy and I have been bored to tears this week (literally). So we’ve visited old man J and his dog, had a playdate with the cop’s wife and kids and today had another playdate with two little girls who’s parents teach at the early learning centre. It’s fun to see how other families adapt out here and also encouraging to think, ‘Yes! Little Boy will love being a big brother!”. He is an angel at other people’s houses… maybe because they bribe him with banana bread and pancakes.

We drove to Kununurra yesterday and Husband took the helicopter in for a service. As we were driving along the highway, about 150km from home, Little Boy started calling out to something. I thought he was calling out for Spotty, so I reminded him that Spotty can’t run this far, she has to stay with her puppies etc. I finally worked out he was saying “Dad!” when I looked out the window and saw a blue helicopter flying over us! Husband had spotted us from 1000 feet. Little Boy and I beamed with pride for the rest of the drive to Kununurra.

We have another Turkey Creek family member these days. The other pilot that lives with us, M, brought his fiancĂ©, L, out here for the rest of the season. She’s GREAT! Nice to have another female to chat to, cook and keep the toilet seat down.


We have a car!

Finding a car in this part of the country is a bit of a challenge. We were looking for a relatively comfortable car under $5000, good on fuel and airconditioned too please.

We found one car and the owner stitched us up big time, asking for more than what she offered and then taking the car off the market when we finally agreed to a price.

Husband got a lift to Kununurra after work to look at another car that ticked all the boxes but was a manual. I was up for the challenge but on closer inspection wasn’t quite what we were after.

That same night Husband waited around until another car owner finished work (10:15pm!). Thankfully it was exactly what we were after and almost half the price of the original car we looked at! Thank you Jesus! He stayed at the pilot house in town that night as it’s too dangerous to drive on that road at night time.

Little Boy and I took the new wheels for a spin yesterday. We went and saw Old J who is an Aboriginal man we helped look after last year. It was so nice to see him, even though Little Boy didn’t recognise him at all. It was refreshing to get out of the “house”, but also encouraging to get back into the community and see how much has changed from last year. It certainly puts all the flies, heat and white-man-Turkey-Creek-struggles into perspective to see people truly enjoying and looking after their home and community.